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What is the Snap Stars Program, and How Can You Become a Snap Star?
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What is the Snap Stars Program, and How Can You Become a Snap Star?

In the past, Snapchat has been perceived mainly as a platform for connecting with friends and family. Recently, however, the platform has shifted its focus to better accommodate content creators, and some have achieved millionaire status solely by using the app's new short-form video monetization feature, Spotlight. Snapchat creators make

In the past, Snapchat has been perceived mainly as a platform for connecting with friends and family.

Recently, however, the platform has shifted its focus to better accommodate content creators, and some have achieved millionaire status solely by using the app's new short-form video monetization feature, Spotlight.

Snapchat creators make money in various ways.

One way is through an ad revenue-sharing program called Snap Stars, which includes popular creators and influencers.

The revenue-sharing also extends to creators of Snapchat Shows, which are like stories that don't disappear after the usual 24 hours.

In today’s blog post, we will go over the Snap Stars program and discover how you too can make money from it.

In this article, you'll uncover the following

  1. What is the Snap Stars Program?
  2. Snap Star Eligibility Requirements?
  3. How to Become a Snap Star?
  4. How Much Money Is Snapchat Paying Snap Stars?
  5. Snapchat Monetization Options: Are There Any Others?

What is the Snap Stars Program?

Snap Stars program is an invite-only creator program launched in 2022 and it allows influencers and creators to make money from their content on Snapchat.

To be selected for this program must be a Snap Star first.

The criteria for eligibility for this specific program are private.

Some think that Snap chooses participants based on influencer status, a large following, or a direct connection with Snap's team.

When the time is right, and once you get verified as a Snap Star, Snapchat will send you details about the program.

The program attracted many influencers like Hannah Stocking, David Dobrik, and Charli D'Amelio who have reportedly earned big bucks through this program.

The program's success has other creators hoping to join.

Now, as you may conclude, to benefit from the Snap Stars Program, you first need to become a Snap Star.

But wait... What exactly do we mean by 'Snap Star'?

What is a Snap Star?

Snap Star is any public figure, creator, influencer, or internet personality who got the Snap Star verification from Snapchat.

To get this verification, Snapchat should believe that you are sharing unique and engaging content that gives their audiences unprecedented access to a diverse and global set of interests, including the arts, beauty, news, gaming, music, and more.

There are no charges or fees for Snapchat creators who get this verification. It's completely free.

Becoming a verified Snap Star on Snapchat is not just about a symbolic Gold Star. Your Stories can be showcased on the public Stories page.

Snap Stars also receive exclusive monetization features, such as:

1. Stories Revenue Share Program

If you're 18 or older, you can include ads in your Stories, sharing the generated revenue with Snapchat. This program has turned some creators into millionaires by simply posting Stories.

2. Shopify Integration

For those using Shopify to sell merchandise, linking your account with Snapchat allows you to sell products without any commission taken by Snapchat. This means all the money goes directly to you as profit. This is a great feature for affiliate marketers and e-commerce sellers.

3. Snap Star Collab Studio

Currently available in the US, this feature facilitates collaborations between brands and Snap Stars. It covers various aspects of campaigns, from production to contracts, making it easier for creators and brands to work together seamlessly.

Snap Star Eligibility Requirements

  • Abiding by Snap’s Terms of Service.
  • Abiding by Snap’s Community Guidelines.
  • Your account has gathered a large and active audience. (Snapchat might consider accounts outside this range if the owner is well-known beyond Snapchat.)
  • Your account is primarily used to create and share stories with the general public regularly.
  • The account must authentically represent you, or your group of people and be your sole online presence.
  • Your account is highly searched for or culturally relevant.
  • The content you share is original, safe, and appropriate for all of Snapchat users.

How to Become a Snap Star?

After meeting all the Snap Star eligibility criteria, you must follow these steps:

  • First, create a Snapchat Public Profile.
  • Second, verify your email on the Snapchat app (This step cannot be done via the web, it can be done only via the Snapchat app).
  • Finally, submit your Snap Star verification request via the following form

PLEASE NOTE: Becoming a Snap Star isn't guaranteed, no matter how big your account's audience is. Getting the Snap Star title doesn't change Snapchat's rules, and it doesn't give you extra rights.

Snap Star Eligibility Requirements
Snap Stars Program

How Much Money Is Snapchat Paying Snap Stars?

The amount Snapchat pays creators varies, ranging from $100 to possibly $10,000, depending on success and chosen monetization methods.

Earnings can differ based on engagement, content quality, and partnerships. There's talk that Snapchat takes a 50% cut of what creators make on the platform.

Hannah Stocking, a former Viner, and a YouTuber, recently made $30,000 in 72 hours by posting content exclusively on Snapchat. Another day, she earned $14,000.

Despite being a creator for 10 years, her less than eight-month stint on Snapchat has shown her the money-making potential of its revenue-sharing program.

Snapchat pays creators in " Snapchat Crystals"

Wait, wait…

What are Snapchat Crystals?

Snapchat Crystals are a virtual currency that Snapchat uses to pay creators to engage in payment-eligible activities.

Of course, Crystals can be cashed out to actual money via Crystals Hub in your Snapchat Profile.

One Snapchat Crystal is worth 10 cents.

So, you get 10 Crystals for every dollar earned.

To cash out, you need over 1,000 Crystals, which equals $100.

Snapchat Monetization Options: Are There Any Others?

Snapchat’s Snap Stars program is a great way to make money on the platform but it’s different and not the only way.

Here are other monetization options that you may also like to consider.

1. Spotlight

  • Spotlight is Snapchat's short-form video platform where creators can share videos up to 60 seconds long.
  • Top-performing creators on Spotlight receive a share of ad revenue, based on ads played between videos.
  • Eligibility criteria include having a public profile, a minimum of 1,000 followers, and achieving at least 1,000 views on Spotlight videos in a month.

To learn more about Snapchat’s Spotlight funds and other social media funds, we highly recommend you go over this detailed blog post.

2. Sponsored Content

  • Brands may approach you for sponsored content if you have a substantial and engaged Snapchat following.
  • Sponsored content creation may include Snaps, stories, or Lenses that promote the brand, with the earning potential influenced by your follower count, engagement rate, and the collaborating brand.

3. Affiliate Marketing

  • Engage in affiliate marketing by promoting other products or services in exchange for a commission on generated sales.
  • Sign up for an affiliate program and obtain a unique referral link. When promoting on Snapchat.

4. Premium Content

  • Offer premium content if you create high-quality material that followers are willing to pay for.
  • Exclusive Snaps, stories, or Lenses can be monetized through monthly subscriptions or on a per-piece basis.

5. Snapchat Takeovers

  • Collaborate with brands for Snapchat takeovers, creating and publishing content on their Snapchat accounts for a specific duration.
  • Snapchat takeovers involve crafting Snaps, stories, or Lenses to promote the brand or its products, presenting an opportunity to earn income and broaden your audience reach.

You may be wondering... Are there other social media platforms where I can monetize my content?

Absolutely! Here is a list of the best creator funds you can apply to earn money on social media:

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