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Simple Guide to Scheduling Threads Posts Ahead of Time

July 5, 2023... Was the birth date of a new social media baby... Threads. In 2 days, Threads reached 70 million users. This sent a message to content creators and brands that Threads is not an easy-come-easy-go social media platform that will disappear as soon as the hype dies down.

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Nuelink Is Pleased to Announce Its Attendance at GITEX Africa 2024

After successful attendance at the Qatar Web Summit 2024, where we made great connections and met part of our beloved user base, we are pleased to announce Nuelink’s attendance at GITEX Africa 2024. GITEX Africa 2024 is one of Africa’s largest and most influential tech and startup events.

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Instagram Shoppable Posts 101: All You Need to Know [2024]

There is a clichéd but relatively accurate saying: 'Wherever attention goes, money flows.' Where better to capture attention and transform it into money than on a social media platform with 2 billion active users per month? Yes, I am talking about Instagram. According to the latest studies, Instagram is

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Snap Spotlight Monetization: A Real Way to Make Money from Snapchat

Whenever you search for a social media platform, the same topics pop up: making money, increasing earnings, and the like. The days when people used social media purely for entertainment are over. Welcome to the Creator Economy era, my friend. After exploring the Snapchat Snap Starts Program, it's time to

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How to Get Started with Micro-Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is big business. Do you want to know what else it is? Expensive. Be prepared to spend many thousands of dollars if you want to partner with “big-name” personalities. But don’t let that scare you away. There’s another option: micro-influencer marketing. Through this strategy, you can

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Best Digital Marketing Tools You Need In 2024 [Backed by Testing]

I appreciate your time—so much that I won’t waste a second telling you something you already know: digital marketing tools are the secret sauce to spicing up your business. You know it, aren't you? So let's skip the sales pitch and go straight to the important part. Every

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It Happened! The GPT Store is Now Open!

Yes! It's live now! After numerous rumors circulated last week about this GPT store thing, tech people worldwide shared their predictions about it. Boom! 24 hours ago (it's January 10, 2024, for those reading this later), Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI, tweeted the following: It’s the official announcement

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The Best Black Friday Deals on Digital Marketing Tools

Hello there! 👋 How is it going? – Hold on a minute, articles usually don't start with 'hello.' This looks like a cold email. – Nevertheless, I have a feeling in my gut that you are a digital marketer. Social Media Manager, SEO specialist, Email Marketer, it doesn't matter. Did you know