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Threads Bonus Program: What You Need to Know About Meta's New Program

Meta is experimenting with a fresh approach to promote its Twitter-like Threads app by introducing a program that pays select creators for their posts called the Treads Bonus Program.

Weeks ago Meta was experimenting with a fresh approach to promote its Twitter-like Threads app by introducing a program that pays selective creators for their posts.

It's called the Threads Bonus Program.

With this new program, Meta was hoping to attract more users and encourage existing ones to post more frequently.

Now it’s official! Meta finally confirms the launch of its Threads Bonus Program.

It’s opening up new opportunities for creators to monetize their content and giving Threads a competitive edge.

The Program is new. There's still a lot many don't know about it.

Here's a closer look at what we do know about the Threads Bonus program and why it's worth keeping on your radar.

What Is the Threads Bonus Program?

The Threads Bonus Program is an invite-only bonus program that lets you earn money on your Threads content.

By invite-only we mean that the program is exclusively available by invitation from Meta.

This program is designed to reward creators based on the engagement and frequency of their posts.

What Is the Threads Bonus Program?

How Does the Threads Bonus Program Work?

There are two ways to get paid on the Threads Bonus Program:

  • Get paid based on the performance of your Threads posts.
  • Get paid  based on the number of posts you create

Threads Posts Performance

"Threads posts performance" refers to how well your posts are doing on the platform. The performance is usually measured by various metrics:

  • Engagement

This includes likes, comments, and shares on your posts.

  • Reach

This shows how many people have seen your posts. A higher reach suggests that your content is being viewed by a larger audience.

  • Interactions

This measures how much your audience is interacting with your content, including clicking on links or viewing images.

Number of Posts

This metric simply refers to how many posts you create on the platform.

The rewards are given for achieving certain milestones.

For example, creating a specific number of posts might unlock a bonus, or you may earn a certain amount per post once you reach a given number.

How to Join the Threads Bonus Program?

As we mentioned, the Threads Bonus Program is an invite-only program, which means only a select group of creators.

You cannot directly apply to join. You must meet the requirements listed below and wait to be invited.

According to Instagram, if you're eligible, you'll get a pop-up notification in your Instagram app, along with an invitation within your Professional Dashboard on the Instagram app.

If you fit the profile and receive the pop-up, you're in luck.

The invitation will direct you to the Professional Dashboard.

Instagram hasn't given a lot of details on how long this program will last or how many creators will eventually be invited, so you definitely want to take advantage if you get invited.

Threads Bonus Program Invited

Threads Bonus Program Requirements

Meta has yet to reveal all the details regarding the program.

Nonetheless, the following is a collection of the officially disclosed requirements:

  • You need to have a public Threads profile.
  • Need to pull in at least 2,500 eligible views for the post.
  • Clear of any copyrighted material or watermark from other platforms.
  • The post should not have artificially boosted views.
  • Follow Instagram's creator incentive terms for bonuses.
  • Your posts must align with Instagram's Content Monetization Policies.
  • Your posts must be in a language that is supported by the bonus program.
  • Brand partnership posts are not eligible for the bonus program.

If Meta invites you to join, you'll receive a pop-up notification in the Instagram app and a corresponding invitation in your Professional Dashboard.

Once you've received an invite, you need to act quickly. You have to set up bonuses on Instagram before your eligibility expires.

By tapping the “Bonuses” option in the Professional Dashboard.

Threads Bonus Program Requirements

How Much Can You Make from the Threads Bonus Program?

As of today, May 2, 2024, there is no exact information on how much creators can make from the Thread Bonus Program.

The program isn't even a month old, and nobody's started cashing in yet.

Right now, we're in the waiting phase, where everyone's watching to see what the first payouts will look like, and which types of content will generate the most revenue.

However, according to Matt Navarra, at least one creator was offered “up to $5,000” for Threads posts or replies with 10,000 views or more.

Threads Bonus Prtogram $5000

In the coming weeks, as more creators begin to earn bonuses, we'll get a better understanding.

Will it be about the frequency of posts, engagement rates, or a mix of both? What types of topics or styles of content drive the most views?

Another point to note:

Meta explained, 'In some cases, you must earn a minimum amount to receive a bonus payout. If you don’t reach the minimum amount, you will not receive any payout, but you may be invited to participate in another bonus opportunity in the future.'

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