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YouTube Short Hacks
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My YouTube Short Views Were Too Low – But When I Discovered This Hack…

Sorry, I lied to you. 🙂 This article isn't about a hack to increase your YouTube Short views... It's an approach to follow to maximize your YouTube Shorts views. This isn't a 'what-to-do' article; it's a 'how-to-think' article. So, if you're interested in learning how to approach YouTube Shorts for maximum

Sorry, I lied to you. 🙂​

This article isn't about a hack to increase your YouTube Short views...

It's an approach to follow to maximize your YouTube Shorts views.

This isn't a 'what-to-do' article; it's a 'how-to-think' article.

So, if you're interested in learning how to approach YouTube Shorts for maximum benefits, views, and yes, profits—keep reading.

But... If you want a quick way (Or a quick hack) to get 1 million views on YouTube shorts, you might want to read a different article.

Why YouTube Shorts?

If you're here, I'll assume you're already aware of YouTube's magnitude, so let's skip the introduction and dive straight into YouTube Shorts.

Currently, a lot of so-called "Internet celebrities" built their entire personal brand based on short-form videos, more specifically YouTube shorts.

A common strategy among these internet celebrities is to share long-from videos to cut that video into a ton of possible shorts, reels, and TikToks. They join lots of podcasts to create new short videos from them as well.

What's impressive about YouTube Shorts is the monetization aspect.

To monetize your channel, and besides the 1,000 subscribers; you need 10 million public short views, which might sound daunting but is actually more achievable than 4,000 hours of watch time on long-form videos. You can also start and create your own YouTube short videos using an AI shorts maker, post on YouTube, and monetize them.

Another advantage is the ability to crosspost your Shorts to or from other social platforms like TikTok and Instagram, attracting different audiences from multiple platforms with less time and energy invested.

We won't delve into the details of what is crossposting since it's a previously discussed topic. But in the YouTube context, it means re-sharing the same content like TikToks, Instagram Reels, and videos from LinkedIn and Facebook as YouTube Shorts.

This can be done automatically with tools like Nuelink, by the way.

5 Interesting Facts About YouTube Shorts

YouTube's 2.3 billion monthly active users have access to YouTube Shorts, with these short videos receiving a staggering 50 billion views per day.

Source: earthweb.com/

The daily views for YouTube Shorts have seen a significant increase, soaring from 30 billion in 2022 to 50 billion in 2023. Additionally, mobile devices account for over 70% of the watch time on YouTube Shorts, reflecting a mobile-centric consumption pattern. Also, a noteworthy statistic is that DIY-related content has gained immense popularity on this platform, with one video even garnering over 560 million views.

Source: embryo.com

In February 2023, YouTube Shorts surpassed 50 billion daily views, indicating a growing interest and engagement with short-form content on the platform.

Source: demandsage.com/

YouTube Shorts has amassed 1.5 billion monthly active users, showcasing its escalating popularity. The platform's short videos have accumulated over 5 trillion views so far, highlighting the extensive reach and engagement potential of YouTube Shorts

Source: thesocialshepherd.com

Proven Approaches to Boost Your YouTube Views

These methods are specifically for YouTube creators who often ask, 'Why does my YouTube short have no views?'

Well, you will learn how to address this and find solutions.


One of the secrets to writing better headlines is to never, ever show your cards. Many people mistakenly use headlines as a small summary of what is in their YouTube Short.

Technically, that's what it should be. However, this is not the right way to grab attention and increase the click-through rate.

You should always keep your headlines mysterious, and tricky, and drive curiosity in people's minds.

For example, let’s take a look at what most marketers and copywriters consider the best headline ever:

They Laughed When I Sat Down At The Piano - But When I Started to Play... by John Caples

The title of this article was inspired by it, by the way. 🙂

What makes this headline so famous (and perfect) is the curiosity it drives in the mind.

It's scientifically proven that your mind cannot resist pondering a question and forming an assumption about it.

This particular headline prompts you to immediately wonder what happened when he began to play that piano. This is precisely the effect you should aim for with your headlines.

There is nothing more interesting you could say in a headline that would increase the likelihood of someone clicking through than by planting a question in their mind and leaving them guessing until they decide to click and find out.

Thumbnails Make or Break Your Short

Highly successful YouTube channel owners, such as MrBeast, Iman Gadzhi, and Alex Hormozi, have stated that they employ full-time thumbnail editors whose sole task is to craft the perfect thumbnail.

These specialists continually conduct A/B tests to find versions that may outperform the initial ones.

Consistently updating your YouTube Shorts thumbnails can keep attracting new viewers and subscribers for nearly a year with zero new content.

I am not suggesting hiring full-time thumbnail creators, but I do suggest you genuinely devote clear thought and time to crafting the right thumbnail.

The content within the short is, of course, crucial. But, what's the point of creating high-quality shorts if you can't capture people's attention to click on them in the first place?

Your thumbnails and headlines matter more than you might think. Give them the time and effort they deserve.

Google it

Google might not be thrilled with me saying this, but whatever:

The rising trend of short-form videos is scaring Google.


Think about it.

If you have a question, what do you prefer to do?

1- Look it up on Google and read or at least scan a long article that might not even have your answer.

2-Watch a 60-second video that gets to the point.

Most likely, the second option. It's just easier.

People are turning to short-form video platforms like YouTube and TikTok for quick, clear answers, drifting away from Google.

What did Google do about it?

Since Google owns YouTube, they're stepping up to the challenge from TikTok.

Now, Google showcases short and long YouTube videos in search results.

So, your short videos won't just show up on YouTube. With a bit of SEO effort, they can pop up on Google too.

That way, you're reaching out on multiple platforms to various audiences.

A smart move is to start a blog for your YouTube channel and convert your videos and shorts into articles. Go beyond basic, there are many AI tools to help with this. This strategy makes it easier for Google to spot your YouTube content and feature it in search results for relevant questions and keywords.

The Hook and The Attention Span

You've probably heard before that the human attention span is decreasing, to the point where it's now less than that of a goldfish. Am I right?

Here's the reality: That's a MYTH.

There's absolutely no scientific evidence supporting these claims and no research that backs up these statistics.

Yes, people are more distracted than ever. Yes, people lack focus more than ever.

But, this doesn't mean they have a shorter attention span than a goldfish. And this shouldn't be an excuse for not succeeding with your YouTube shorts.

Many YouTubers and content creators, in general, use these false statistics as a reason for their lack of success.

Remember, the same people who claim to have short attention spans and can't focus are the ones spending an hour and a half watching soccer games or two hours in a cinema watching Barbie movies.

So, the question is: Why can these people remain interested for hours in those activities, yet can't stay engaged with your 60-second videos?

The answer:  You don’t hook

A "hook" is a catchy start to a video that grabs the viewer's attention right away. For example, in a travel video, a hook could be a quick clip of a beautiful beach with the voiceover saying, "Want to see the world's scary beach? !" This makes viewers curious and keeps them watching, their minds will immediately start pondering "Well, the beach looks beautiful, why does he say the world's scary beach?"

A hook should not only be present in the opening sentences but maintained throughout the content. What keeps you engaged in a 2-hour horror movie? It's the anticipation of what might happen next.

Even with a captivating hook, if the interest in your YouTube short vanishes after a few seconds, the initial engagement is wasted.

The reason why social media is so addictive is because it consistently pushes dopamine hits into the brain’s user. Each time you scroll you may find something interesting.

Do the same with your YouTube Shorts.

You can find more ways and how to hook properly and effectively here

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