WooCommerce Automation: How To Auto-post WooCommerce Products to Social Media

WooCommerce Automation

After this AI revolution, everyone is looking for ways to automate their work to achieve tasks more quickly and efficiently.

E-commerce sellers aren't an exception.

Given the intense competition among e-commerce sellers, if you're not leveraging the benefits of AI and automation, you will lose out to competitors who do.

But let's not think about e-commerce sellers in general; instead, let's narrow our focus to WooCommerce sellers.

Are you aware that as a WooCommerce seller, you can automate nearly 80% of the manual tasks you perform for your store?

It's true! By using WooCommerce Automation...

What is WooCommerce Automation?

WooCommerce automation involves using tools, which can be either free or paid and often rely on Artificial Intelligence (AI), to eliminate repetitive tasks related to running your WooCommerce online store.

What Tasks Can Be Automated with WooCommerce Automation Tools

As a WooCommerce seller, there are plenty of tasks you can get rid of by utilizing automation tools to execute them for you. Some tasks can be completely automated, while others can be mostly automated.

  • Order Processing
  • Inventory Management
  • Email Notifications
  • Customer Data Updates
  • Pricing Adjustments
  • Product Updates
  • Abandoned Cart Recovery
  • Sales Reports Generation
  • Shipping and Tracking
  • Customer Support Responses
  • Social Media Automation

NOTE: This is a brief and broad list compared to the actual range of automation possibilities through tools. If you want to explore further, take a look at these 15 Best WooCommerce Automation to Increase Sales

Since most of WooCommerce sellers rely on social media platforms to promote their products, let's focus on WooCommerce Social Media Automation

What is WooCommerce Social Media Automation

WooCommerce social media automation involves using a social media management and automation tool to automatically post your WooCommerce products as social media posts.

To understand more: Let's use Nuelink as an example. After connecting your WooCommerce store with Nuelink, and setting up when and where you want to post, plus how often, NO Work is required from you then!

Nuelink checks your store every hour, finds new products, and shares them across your chosen social media platforms. Each one with its a unique caption generated by an AI writing assistant.

Clear enough?

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WooCommerce Automation Benefits: Why Automate Your Social Media WooCommerce Store?

By embracing WooCommerce automation you will be able to:

  • Save between 5-10 hours each week, by removing repetitive tasks
  • Improve the chances of maintaining a consistent strategy
  • Increase your productivity by 20 to 30%
  • Reduce the business costs
  • Reduce human errors

How To Automate Your WooCommerce Store's Social Media Posts?

There are only a few tools that support WooCommerce social media automation.

Out of these options, Nuelink is clearly the best one. You can test it out for free and see for yourself.

Assuming you are using Nuelink (As you should), here is a detailed video that explains clearly how to auto-post WooCommerce products On Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, & other social media.

Additionally, here is a list of steps you can follow to do that:

1. Go to Nuelink and sign up.

2. Click on Automation and then on Add Automation.

Automate WooCommerce Step1

3. Scroll down to find WooCommerce and click on Add Automation.

Automate WooCommerce Step2

4. Paste a link to your WooCommerce shop and select your channels. Finally, click on Add WooCommerce Automation.

Automate WooCommerce Step3

Once your automation is set up, Nuelink checks your site hourly and creates a post for each one of your existing and future products with a direct link to it.

Nuelink's WooCommerce automation feature

In case you are not using Nuelink, let me tell you: You are missing a lot.

But, here is what you should do to automate your WooCommerce social media store:

  • Create Your Social Channels
  • Select Your Automation Tool
  • Create Your Automation Tool Account
  • Connect Your Social Media Platforms to Your Automation Tool Account

Don't you think it's time for you to accomplish more on social media with less time invested?

Or are you comfortable promoting each product manually on social media?