Social Media Marketing for Bloggers: Best Social Media Platforms to Get Exposure for Your Squarespace Blog

Social Media Marketing for Bloggers: Best Social Media Platforms to Get Exposure for Your Squarespace Blog

‌‌Social media platforms offer a great deal of flexibility when it comes to content creation. There's often a lot of overlap, allowing you to repost and promote blog posts on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, where they can be equally relevant and drive more traffic your way.

‌‌The key lies in understanding where your audience tends to interact and framing your already amazing blog content to match the overall tone of each platform.

‌‌In today’s post, we will list the best platforms for bloggers on Squarespace and how to go about your content for each platform.

‌‌Facebook: Connect with a Diverse and Engaged Community.

Facebook is very much a community-driven platform that promotes discussion. It’s a great place to start promoting your Squarespace blog to a wide range of people, especially if your target audience is between the ages of 25-34.

‌‌Suppose your target audience primarily consists of individuals aged 30 and above. In that case, Facebook serves as an ideal platform to connect with them effectively. With its user-friendly interface, you can share news, updates, and event notices while directly engaging with people through messages and comments.

‌‌One of the most important aspects of Facebook is Groups. These communities are often highly engaged and receptive to content. Facebook has many Groups that promote blogging, some of my favorites include The Blog It Better Society Facebook Group, The Helpful Blog & Business, Bloggers Supporting Bloggers, The Social Ninjas, and Bloggers Supporting Each Other.

‌‌To expand your reach, don't hesitate to like and share relevant content from other content creators from the blogging community. By doing so, you foster a sense of community and demonstrate your support for the broader network and they will most likely return the favor.

‌‌It’s also important to keep engaged with others in your community. When followers engage with your posts by leaving comments, be sure to respond promptly. This interaction showcases your attentiveness and builds trust, encouraging a sense of loyalty among your audience.

‌‌These interactions are also great indicators of what your targeted audience wants to read about. They give you insights into how their brain works and what interests them.

‌‌Instagram: Turn Your Blog Posts into Graphic Posts

Instagram relies heavily on aesthetics and design as the platform and its users lain more into image posts rather than text posts.

‌‌For instance, if you have a blog where you share insights into your industry, you can turn snippets from your blog posts into a Reel or an Instagram carousel. It's something we do often at Nuelink where we repurpose content from our newsletter and blog to Instagram posts.

‌‌I also highly recommend that you put a face to the content and create videos of yourself. This will allow your readers who are used to knowing you from your words to get to know and connect with you better.

‌‌These visual elements effectively convey the quality and value of your blog content, enticing potential readers to check out your Squarespace website.

‌‌To differentiate yourself from competitors on Instagram, you can leverage tools like Nuelink to auto-post content from your Squarespace website to social media. It provides a way to express your visual identity, allowing you to create a unique and cohesive brand experience.

‌‌Twitter: Make Each Word Count

Microblogging is an incredibly powerful tool for connecting with your audience on a personal level.

‌‌With platforms like Twitter, you have the opportunity to express your thoughts, moods, and opinions in a concise and direct manner. It's a space where you can communicate directly with your followers, fans, influencers, and customers with smaller pieces of content than you are used to.

‌‌One of the great things about microblogging is that it allows you to ask questions and encourage discussions among your audience.

‌‌By fostering an environment of discourse, you not only engage your audience but also gain valuable insights into their preferences and interests. This makes your job easier as you can tailor your content to what they would love to read about.

‌‌While Twitter's character limit may seem challenging, it forces you to distill your brand messaging to its core essence. This means crafting messages that are clear, impactful, and memorable.

‌‌I highly recommend that you repurpose content from your Squarespace blog as well. It's content you already have but crafted differently to suit this new medium.

‌‌Moreover, Twitter allows you to directly interact with your fans and followers. When someone tweets positive things about your blog, show your appreciation by thanking them.

‌‌On the other hand, if there are negative comments or concerns, address them promptly and sincerely. This demonstrates your commitment to your readers and can turn a negative situation into a positive one.

‌‌YouTube: From Words to Clips

YouTube provides a unique platform for bloggers to share Their insights in an in-depth way without having to cut down their content into smaller chunks.

‌‌Bloggers like Fashion Mumblr, aka Josie, made a successful career out of leveraging their blog readers into vlog viewers on YouTube.

‌‌By leveraging YouTube's platform, you can deliver compelling video and audio content, expand your reach, and engage with your target audience in a dynamic and impactful way.

‌‌YouTube offers an opportunity to showcase your expertise, provide valuable information, and foster meaningful connections with your viewers.

‌‌TikTok: GenZ Favorite Platform

If you are hoping to attract the attention of younger demographics, there's no way around it. You will need to jump into the TikTok train.

‌‌The platform as a whole is very accommodating for bloggers as well. Unlike others, you can direct your followers into your blog with a quick link.

‌‌This helps drive traffic and encourages viewers to explore more about your blog. For example, if you're a beauty content creator, you can easily film a tutorial for your TikTok and direct users into your Squarespace blog to read about your favorite beauty products.

‌‌TikTok has become a popular platform for bloggers that understand its dynamics. However, it's important to embrace the fun and entertaining nature of the app. To connect with TikTok users, tap into subcultures that revolve around your specific passions and interests.

‌‌Pinterest: Your Secret Weapon

Many people underestimate the power Pinterest holds in the social media industry. The platform is built to allow its users to exit its space and explore other content by clicking on other links, and this is your end goal.

‌‌Utilize Pinterest to drive potential readers to your Squarespace blog. By sharing high-quality content that showcases your content in its best light, you can capture the attention of potential readers and direct them to your Squarespace website for a seamless experience.

‌‌Research and include relevant hashtags in your pin descriptions to make your content discoverable by users searching for specific topics or interests. For instance, a fitness enthusiast can use hashtags like #workoutmotivation or #healthyrecipes to reach a wider audience.

‌Pinterest offers a unique platform for sharing visually captivating content and driving meaningful engagement. By incorporating these strategies into your Pinterest marketing approach, you can effectively inspire, connect, and drive traffic to your Squarespace website, ultimately boosting your brand's visibility and success.

‌‌At the end of the day, before settling on the best platforms for your Squarespace blog, you will need to take a step back and understand where your audience tends to hang out. This could make or break your entire social media marketing strategy.