Squarespace Automation: How to Automate Your Squarespace Shop's Social Media Posts

Squarespace Automation

Are you familiar with the quote that says, “It doesn’t matter if you are the best; what matters is that people know that you are the best”?

This is true in any business! If you are selling your goods on Squarespace, this quote applies to you as well.

You are selling online, which means that to make people aware that you are the best, you need digital marketing; otherwise, how will they know about you, right?

Among the many digital marketing methods, social media remains the best option for the majority of Squarespace sellers: it's less budget-consuming, requires less expertise, and carries lower risk

Even with all these advantages, to achieve great results through social media for your Squarespace, you need to invest time.

However, the time invested in Squarespace social media marketing can be reduced by more than half if you use Squarespace automation, specifically in this case, Squarespace social media automation.

You will find here:

  • What Is Squarespace Shop Social Media Automation?
  • Why Should You Automate Your Squarespace Shop?
  • How To Automate Your Squarespace Shop’s Social Media Posts?

What Is Squarespace Automation?

Squarespace automation involves using special tools, which can be either paid or free. These tools often rely on Artificial Intelligence (AI), to handle repetitive tasks associated with your Squarespace shop on your behalf.

Squarespace automation can be used for a variety of tasks, including:

  • Automatically add customers to your mailing list when they purchase a product.
  • Automatically extract data from your Squarespace and send it to a spreadsheet.
  • Automatically share your products or content on multiple social media platforms.

Additionaly, there are more ways to you can use to automate your Squarespace webstie with ease.

Imagine you are adding 3 new products to your Squarespace per week along with publishing two blog articles, you want to publish all of them to your brand's social media platforms to get more sales and traffic. Manually creating, customizing, and scheduling posts for each product and blog article, and publishing on multiple platforms takes a ton of time.

However, you can use a Squarespace automation tool like Nuelink, for example, that connects to your Squarespace shop. This tool will automatically detect your new products and blog articles, transform them into social media posts, create unique and complete captions for each post, generate relevant and trending hashtags for each post, and schedule all of them to be published on the social media platforms you prefer, based on the dates and frequency you have selected in the settings, without requiring any effort from you.

Are you recognizing how much time this will save you?

What Is Squarespace Shop Social Media Automation?

Squarespace Shop social media automation is using a social media management and automation tool to automatically post your Squarespace products or content as social media posts on multiple social media platforms.

Important Note: As an eCommerce seller, business, or a personal brand automatically share your Squarspace products or content to social media won't harm authenticiy at any way, it may be only if you over used in the wrong direction.

You have the full control of where to post, when to post, and what to post.

No worries! Your audience won't get notice that you are using a social media automation tool.

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Why Should You Automate Your Squarespace Shop?

Even we are living in the automation hype area. There are a lot of people still wondering about its helpfulness.

Let's focus only on online sellers (particularly Squarespace sellers) and what they will get if they automate their social media marketing tasks.

Once you establish automation for your Squarespace, you will:

  • Be more productive by 20% to 30%
  • Be more consistent in your social media marketing strategy
  • Eliminate the repetitive tasks related to social media
  • Reduce the business costs
  • Have more insights to make data-driven decisions

How to Automate Your Squarespace Shop to Post on Social Media?

As we previously discussed, automating your Squarespace shop adds tremendous value to your online business. Without any exaggeration, it can be the decisive factor that determines your success or failure in the realm of online selling.

Not only that but setting up automation for your shop is a straightforward process that can be completed in just a few easy steps.

If you are still new to the Squarespace game, or at least, new to the 'Squarespace Social Media Automation' game. Here is a brief list of initial steps to follow:

  • Choose wisely your automation tool
  • Set up and verify your automation tool
  • Connect your Squarespace store with the automation tool
  • Link your social media channels to the automation tool.
  • Execute an automation process tailored to align with your marketing strategy.

Glad to hear that you are one of our beloved users! Now let me assist you to set up Squarespace automation to auto-post your products to social media.

  • STEP 1: Click on Automation on the navbar on the left side of the screen.
Squarespace Automation step1
  • STEP 2: Click on Add Automation button on the top right of the screen.
Squarespace Automation step2
  • STEP 3: Scroll down until you find Squarespace Shop, and then click on Add Automation.
Squarespace Automation step3
  • STEP 4: Copy and paste your Squarespace Shop website link here.
Squarespace Automation step4
  • STEP 5: Click on Add Squarespace Shop Automation and you are done.
Squarespace Automation step5

This AI revolution, along with the multitude of AI tools that have recently come into existence, is starting to create a HUGE gap between the top sellers who are making significant profits and the average ones who are just making enough to not quit.

The quicker you adapt and start using these tools to your advantage, the better.
So, the question is: Are you going to adapt quickly, or are you waiting to be overtaken by your competitors who are already leveraging the power of AI?

It's up to you.