Nuelink Product update May– 2023

Nuelink Product update May– 2023

With another month coming to a close, albeit this one took its sweet time, it’s time to go over everything we worked on this month and our plans for June. Grab a drink, get cozy, and read about all the new features we added that are bound to make social media marketing a breeze. ☀️🥤

New Features

Instagram Stories 🤳🖼️

After mentoring Instagram’s API for months, we were finally given the green light to support Instagram Stories. You can now create, upload, and schedule your Instagram Stories directly from Nuelink along with your image posts and Reels.

Your request is our command. You can now connect Nuelink to more than 1000 apps and create 8 different Million automations. This will surely make an easy process even more easier.

CSV Bulk Import New Features 🆕🔥🔥🔥

This month, we’ve added support for Carousels in CSV Bulk Import. We can now also support titles, alt text, and the ability to add Reels to Instagram Feed on CSV Bulk Import.


Added support for Title, Alt Text, Custom Video Thumbnail, and Reel options for Zapier.

Added the option to Share Comment Immediately for Follow-up comments.

Added the ability to filter imported YouTube videos by Shorts or Videos for our YouTube Automation.

Added the ability to Select a Playlist for YouTube.

Added support for and pCloud files for CSV Bulk Import.

Added support for Pinterest Link in Create Post.

Added Link Preview to Create Post.

The Best Is Yet to Come

Adding Nuelink Shortcodes 👀

Adding new AI superpowers like Rephrase, Correct, and Expand…

Redesigning the media library.

Adding the ability to add files directly to the library to use in your posts.

Adding the ability to Select a Custom Thumbnail for Videos.

Adding support for Links, Custom Thumbnails & Comments on CSV Bulk Import.

Adding automation.

Adding an image generator and the ability to design using a CSV.

Implementing Agency Updates (Simpler roles, invites, and more).