Nuelink Product update March – 2023

Nuelink Product update March – 2023

As we say goodbye to another month and season, we look back on a long month full of new features and upgrades. So, grab a well-deserved glass of lemonade, and take a moment to read about all the hard work we've put in this March. πŸ‹πŸŒΈπŸŒΊπŸŒΌ

New Features

As per popular demand, you can now connect Nuelink with more than 700 different tools and services available on IFTTT. This will make social media scheduling a walk in the park.

Advanced Insights Private Beta πŸ†•πŸ“ˆ

This month, we opened early access to our Advanced Insights feature. You can now get in-depth data on the performance of all of your posts across platforms.

The Short Links feature just got a refresh. This month, we redesigned the Short Link feature and added Advanced Analytics to help you keep track of all the clicks on your links.


Added Table View, Bulk Select, and Delete Post in Collections.

Added the ability to duplicate and/or move a collection between your different Brands.

Added support for title and alt text for all social media platforms that supports them.

Added the ability to share Reels to the feed on Instagram.

Added support for images in the Follow-up Comment automation.

Added a β€œProcessing” label for your posts.

Added Channels history.

The Best Is Yet to Come

Adding the Pabbly Connect Automation.

Adding the Automation.

Adding API for 3rd Party Integrations.

Adding Branded Content.

Implementing Agency Updates (Simpler roles, invites, and more).

Support Webhooks, Discord and Slack Channels.

Adding the ability to custom video thumbnails.