Nuelink Product Update June - 2023

Nuelink Product Update June - 2023

June was probably one of the most productive months for us this year, but be sure we're working to outdo ourselves. So, here's a breakdown of what we've done last month. ☀️


Tiktok Direct Posting 🤳🎥

No more hassle of manual publishing and app notifications. Now, you can post directly to TikTok (personal and business accounts) with a single click! P.S. Make sure you reconnect your TikTok.

Added Some Ai Powers to Create Post 🆕🔥🔥🔥

This is still an early alpha, but you can now rephrase your captions, make them formal or engaging, shorten or expand them and more coming soon.

FlowMattic to Automations 🆕🔥🔥🔥

Automate social media posting from your WordPress dashboard using Nuelink with FlowMattic. Push data from various sources and plugins to Nuelink, including Google Sheets and contact forms.

Upgrades 🆙

Redesigned media library, added the ability to add files directly to it and use them in your posts...
Added support for drag & drop on Create Post.
Increased collection time slots limit to 5 per day.
Added the ability to set custom thumbnail covers to videos and Reels.
Improved Post Edit processing speed.
Simplified & moved Get Started to the left navigation.
Added multiple domain options Link Shortener.
Improved security & stability.

The Best Is Yet to Come 🆙

Adding the Nuelink / automation.
Supporting Link, Custom Thumbnail & Comment, Stories on CSV Bulk Import.
Moving Hashtag Manager to its Own Page
Introducing Ai for Automations
Implementing Agency Updates (Simpler roles, invites, and more).

What should we build next?

Anything we should improve?