Nuelink Product update - February 2023

Nuelink Product update - February 2023

‌‌‌‌February may be the shortest month of the year, but our list of new features and upgrades has only gotten longer this month. Sit back with a much-needed cup of coffee and read about all we have worked on this February. ☕🍪🔥

New Features 🆕🎊

Telegram Integration 💙

This month, we've added a new channel to Nuelink, Telegram. You can now post to your Telegram account and group directly from Nuelink.

‌‌Nuelink/Zapier Automation 💜🧡

You can now connect Nuelink with more than 5,000 different tools and services available on Zapier. This will make social media scheduling even easier.

‌‌Smart Conditions for Automations 🤖

This month, we refined our automations and added Smart Conditions. You can now opt to auto-post content based on your chosen keywords.

More Analytics for Automations and Collections 📊

As per your requests, we are working hard to bring more in-house analytical and data features, starting with Automation and Collection. We've redesigned both pages to provide more data about your posts and where they are coming from.

Upgrades 🔧🔨

Updated our server infrastructure to handle the growing amount of automation. We're now operating at 6% of our capacity.

Added the ability to Quote Tweet the first Tweet of Thread at the end of the thread.

Added the ability to add extra text, hashtags, etc… to CSV.

Added the ability to add a title to Pinterest posts.

Simplified the way you select time slots in a collection.

Improved queue priority.

Improved Channels management to better communicate errors and how to fix them.

Improved Calendar and queue speed and performance.

Upgraded to the latest LinkedIn API release.

And many other small bug fixes and improvements.

The Best Is Yet to Come 🔜

Adding support for Images and Follow-up comments.

Adding Alt Text for supported channels.

Integrating Webhooks Channel (outgoing).

Integrating Discord Channel.

Adding Slack.

Adding Insights Beta features (Very Soon).

Adding a private API for 3rd party integrations.

Continuing Agency Updates.

Adding the ability to custom video thumbnails.

Improving ShortLink Analytics.