Nuelink Product update-December 2022

Nuelink Product update-December 2022

β€ŒWe are wrapping up this year in style with some of the best new features and updates. Get settled in with a hot cup of coffee and let's introduce you to our new offerings.β˜•β„οΈ

New Features:

YouTube Shorts Integration πŸŽ₯🎞️

Long at last, YouTube is now available on Nuelink. You can now post your Shorts to Youtube all on Nuelink.

New Hashtag Manager #️⃣

This month, we introduced our new hashtag manager. You can now create hashtag groups to easily add to your social media posts.

Custom Domains 🌐

As per your requests, we added support for custom domains on short links. You can now set up your domains on Nuelink.

Automation Multiple Caption Variants πŸ†™

You ask and we deliver. We added multiple new caption variants to our automations to allow you to choose the best caption for your brand's automation.

Auto-thread Long Tweets 🐦

In our quest to make Nuelink as convenient as possible, we added the ability to auto-thread your long posts. From now on, you don't have to worry about getting interrupted. Nuelink will make sure that your entire Tweet is shared.

Delete Posts Feature

You Β can now delete any irrelevant posts from your social media history and keep only your best content recycling.


Introduced the ability to select channels when creating a new post.

Added the ability to import posts from date or last X posts on automations.

Improved image uploader and added the ability to re-order images.

Added the ability to convert, optimize images and videos based on your channel types.

Improved Shopify, added blog and collections, and increased number of posts.

Added the ability to compress and convert videos.

Improved channel connections.

Improved speed for calendar and queue.

And many more upgrades and touch-ups.

The Best Is Yet to Come:

We are working on many exciting upgrades and features in the coming year. Stay tuned for the latest features!πŸŽ‰

Redesigning agencies.

Adding Slack and Discord automations and more others.

Integrating Reddit and Telegram channels.

Adding the ability to set custom thumbnails for videos.

Improving Short Link Analytics, UTM.

And much more.