How To Automate Your Etsy Shop’s Social Media Posts 2023

How to automate etsy
How To Automate Your Etsy Shop's Social Media Posts in 2023

Social media has proven itself to be the most powerful tool for marketers. Unlike traditional media, it is also accessible to small business owners and Etsy sellers, like you, who do not have the budget to buy an advertising slot on TV or in magazines.

Social media marketing is low-cost and has big returns when done right.

Social media marketing is low-cost and has big returns when done right. The only issue with social media marketing for small businesses is that it is time-consuming. You have to dedicate a big chunk of your schedule to creating, scheduling, and posting content on so many different social media platforms. Focusing only on one platform is not feasible as well as you run the risk of losing on sales.

Many Etsy sellers, however, have learned the tips and tricks of social media marketing and are thriving on social media. One of these tips is automating your Etsy shop to your social media platforms.

Table of Contents:

What Is Etsy Social Media Automation?

Why Should You Automate Your Etsy Shop?

How To Automate Your Etsy Shop’s Social Media Posts?

What Is Etsy Social Media Automation

Etsy automation is the process of utilizing an automation tool to automate your Etsy shop listings as social media posts and scheduling them at your convenience. Any Etsy automation tool worth its salt will also allow you to manage your engagements, likes, and especially comments, and interact with your audience across platforms in one place.

There are a few excellent Etsy automation tools on the market. Nuelink, Zapier, and IFTTT.

Nuelink, for example, allows you to automate your Etsy listings and post them on all your social media platforms.

Etsy Automation Benefits: Why You Should Automate Your Etsy Shop

Creating artisan, handmade, bespoke products takes time but so does social media marketing. Using an automation tool has a lot of benefits but as a small business owner, your most valuable thing is your time. Automating your Etsy shop’s social media posts saves your time, and sanity, Automating weeks' worth of content on Nuelink takes as much time as posting one Instagram post.

Another advantage is that you save money. It is either you automate your social media posts or hire someone else to do it for you because the alternative of not having a social media marketing strategy is out of the question. Not being active and consistent on social media is not possible in this day and age, especially for someone whose livelihood is in e-commerce.

Set it and forget it, this is what a good social media automation tool can do for you. You take some time out of your schedule to connect your tool of choice to your different social media platforms and let it do it for you. Your accounts will always have content and you will have time to focus on your unique creations.

If you have been on social media lately, you probably know that small businesses thrive on social media. As a matter of fact, social media is what kept many of them running and thriving even in the last two crazy years while others shut their doors. Posting on social media, keeps you at the forefront of your customers’ minds and allows you to generate more leads.

How To Automate Your Etsy Shop’s Social Media Posts

As we have already discussed, setting up your Etsy automation tool is a one-time thing and takes less time than posting an Instagram post. We have simplified this process even more into four easy-to-follow steps.

Step 1: Set Up Your Social Platforms

If you already have social media accounts, you can skip this step and go straight to step 2.

If not, set up your brand’s social media profiles, preferably business accounts when available.

Make sure to add a profile pic and fill out your bio because it makes a huge difference with the algorithm and with giving off a professional feel.

Step 2: Choose Your Automation Tool

Choose your automation tool based on your needs. You can set up and use Nuelink for free as part of their free plan and automate your Etsy shop listings now.

Step 3: Set Up Your Automation Tool Account

Create your Nuelink account. All you need is a valid email account to get started.

Step 4: Connect Your Social Media Platforms to Your Automation Tool Account

Connect your social media accounts and your Etsy shop and let Nuelink do its magic. You don’t even have to add hashtags and links to your products because Nuelink takes care of that as well. If you need other content besides your Etsy listings, you can also automate the content on Premium Library as part of your free plan.

You can always check our YouTube video where we explained how to auto-post your Etsy Listings to Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter & all your social media.

Having a small or non-existent social media marketing budget shouldn’t stop you from putting your brand out there. The number of opportunities that are available to brands that have opted to adopt a social media strategy is numerous. Many brands, both small and big, have recognized the value of social media and are now reaping the benefits. Having aesthetically pleasing and functional products is important, but so is exposure. If no one gets to see your products, no matter how beautiful they are, all of your hard work will go down the drain.

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