Nuelink Product update April – 2023

Nuelink Product update April – 2023

As we welcome a new month, it's time to reminisce on all we have accomplished during the past month. So, grab a cold drink, and take a moment to read about all the hard work we've put in this April to add to and improve upon Nuelink. Enjoy! 🍹🔥🔥🔥

New Features

As per popular demand, you can now connect Nuelink with more than 1000 different apps and services available on Pabbly. This will make social media marketing automated all around.

Private API for 3rd Party Apps & Integrations 💜🆕

At long last, apps and services can now build integrations with Nuelink directly. Email to request access. This will streamline your operations and enhance your overall efficiency even further.


Added the ability to duplicate / move collections between brands.

Improved email notifications & error messages for automated content.

Added the ability to filter imported videos by type (shorts or regular) on YouTube.

Added character count based on social channels.

Redesigned & simplified the navbar.

Added image support to the photos section of Google Business Profile.

Improved calendar view for published posts.

The Best Is Yet to Come

Adding the automation.

Adding the ability to custom video thumbnails on Nuelink.

Adding support for carousels in bulk-import.

Redesigning the media library.

Introducing yearly plans.

Adding branded content and ability to design using a CSV.

Implementing Agency Updates (Simpler roles, invites, and more).

Adding the Webhooks, Discord and Slack Channels.