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AI-Driven Strategy: How AI Tools Supercharge Your 4-Month Social Media Marketing

Only 10 days after giving my opinion about AI and its affection in the social media management field. As I mentioned that it cannot completely replace us as social media managers (at least for now) and how crucial to shift your mind from asking “Can AI replace me” to “How

Only 10 days after giving my opinion about AI and its affection in the social media management field.

As I mentioned that it cannot completely replace us as social media managers (at least for now) and how crucial to shift your mind from asking “Can AI replace me” to “How AI can help me”.

I received an interesting email from Joshua, a Nuelink user and loyal follower of our Newsletter and blog. After reading my post, he shared with me a mind-blowing idea that perfectly aligns with the subject.

In fact, it would be more accurate to characterize it as an approach or strategy rather than simply an idea.

Joshua, a highly skilled social media manager, adeptly handles a diverse range of skincare brands.

He proposed an exciting opportunity to one of his clients, recommending a comprehensive 4-month social media marketing strategy powered solely by AI tools. Happily, the client embraced the suggestion.

I approached Joshua to inquire if he would like to share his step-by-step guide with my beloved readers. Joshua was thrilled and agreed to share the details of his innovative approach.

Now let's discover how he did it!

NOTE: Not all the tools that Joshua relies on in this strategy are completely free.

Month 1: Planning and Research

The first thing he did is identifying the goal that must be accomplished from this 4-month approach, since this skincare brand is still new in the market and the competition in this industry is super difficult, he saw that it was better for him to focus on increasing brand awareness and driving website traffic.

  • Define the target audience: Since the skincare brand is new and lacks an actual customer base, he implemented a smart move. He ran Facebook and Google ads campaigns with a limited budget and then used tools such as Mentionlytics and Madgicx to analyze the results and determine the perfect target audience.
  • Competitive analysis: Joshua emphasized the importance of this step, believing that many businesses fail in their strategies due to neglecting it. Additionally, he relied on AI-powered tools like Klue and Kompyte to analyze competitors' social media presence, engagement levels, and content strategies, helping him identify areas for differentiation and improvement.

Joshua shared an insight that could be a game-changer for many business owners, marketers, or social media managers. He said:

"Some people might think that the steps I took this month were excessive, but they were not. Every business should invest time and effort to research every small detail before making decisions. The era of random business decisions is over. Welcome to the data-driven decisions age."

Month 2: Content Creation and Scheduling

“Content is King”. I know it. You know it. Joshua also knows it.

But, creating valuable content is not as simple as it may seem; it requires various skills. From captivating visuals that grab people's attention to proficient writing abilities for impactful social media posts, blogs, and videos, the process demands a comprehensive set of talents.

Relying completely on AI tools might not have been the perfect approach for this step, but Joshua had a different opinion. He took that challenge to the end.

  • Visual elements: Joshua knew that the hardest task in today’s marketing is grabbing attention from the target audience. To do that, you need to have eye-catching and stop-scrolling visual elements to make people stop and pay attention to his content.

He used and Nuelink’s free and customizable Canva templates for social media.

  • Writing content: Writing is not just typing a few characters on the keyboard. It is a skill that requires creativity, clarity, and precision. Writing well can make a difference in how you communicate your ideas, persuade your audience, and establish your credibility. To create content for his social media posts, blogs, and proposals, Joshua relied on Jasper and, two AI tools that generate text based on prompts. Then, he manually edited the output to add his personal touch and voice.
  • Scheduling and automating: Joshua is a busy social media manager who has a lot on his plate. He can’t afford to spend hours in front of the computer, crafting and publishing posts for different platforms. He needed a smarter and faster way to handle his content. That’s why he trusted Nuelink to manage, schedule and automate content

    He now has two months' worth of content fully organized and scheduled in Nuelink. It requires no effort on his part to keep everything running smoothly.

Month 3: Audience Engagement

Joshua knows that customers have many choices and the only way to keep them loyal is to offer content, products, and deals that suit their needs. The key point is: Know exactly what your audience wants.

So, he didn’t only need to interact with his audience but rather gather and track all interactions between the brand and the audience.

The smartest way to accomplish this is to install AI chatbots, such as:

  • Chatfuel
  • Tars

By using these tools he gathered all the interactions and conversations between the brand and the audience, now it is time to analyze it.

Sentiment analysis:

If it happened that you don’t know what sentiment analysis means, here is a quick definition:

Sentiment analysis refers to the use of natural language processing and machine learning techniques to assess and understand the emotional tone behind customer interactions, such as emails, chat logs, or social media messages. It helps you gain insights into customer satisfaction levels, identify issues or concerns, and respond effectively to customer needs based on the sentiments expressed in their messages.

In this step, Joshua used Google Cloud Natural Language API

Month 4: Performance Tracking and Optimization

Joshua is obsessed with data-driven decisions, three months for him is more than enough to start analyzing the performance of his strategy so far and look up for improvements and optimization possibilities.

He achieved that by following three steps.

1- Gather and analyze all the key metrics from the social media platforms and website. Some of these key metrics are:

  • Reach
  • Impressions
  • Engagement
  • Follower Growth
  • Conversion Rate

2- A/B testing:

After gathering all the valuable information about the performance of the previous months, he seamlessly moved on to A/B testing.

A/B testing is a method of comparing two versions of an item against each other to determine which one performs better. It is also known as split testing.

His A/B testing strategy was entirely dedicated to finding out what the best elements he should use in the marketing campaigns, we wanted to see and compare the results of visual elements, ad copy, the performance of each platform…

The best tools found for this mission are AB Tasty and Optimizely.

3- Influencer Marketing:

Joshua saw that spending 40% of the budget on Influencer Marketing will grow the brand’s audience massively.

But, Filtering out all the influencers available on the internet and deciding if they are the right fit for the brand or not is not an easy or quick task, isn’t it?

As usual, Joshua found the perfect AI tools to accomplish this task for him.

The following tools allowed helped him to find, contact, collaborate, and manage Influencers worldwide for all of his campaigns: Affable and GRIN.

Joshua is continuing with his AI-driven strategy. He believes that we are still in the early stages of this AI revolution. Moreover, he foresees that the next five years will provide a significant advantage to those who adapt and possess skillful expertise in utilizing AI tools.

NOTE: Despite the availability of advanced AI tools, it is crucial to keep in mind that AI is capable of performing tasks rather than entire jobs. This implies that relying solely on AI tools to make decisions is not the best thing to do. Your human judgment is the key to maximizing the benefits of AI without affecting (badly) your business.

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