How to Schedule and Automate Social Media Posts to Promote Your latest YouTube Videos

Promote YouTube Videos
Photo by Szabo Viktor / Unsplash

As a YouTuber, the last thing you want to do after spending hours brainstorming ideas, filming, and editing your videos makes some more content. However, it is just another aspect of the job to promote your channel. As a content creator, you understand the importance of social media marketing and diversifying content across platforms.

In today's post, we will discuss how you can schedule and automate Social Media posts to auto-post to your Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Facebook, and Pinterest all at once.

Table of Content:

  1. What Is Social Media Scheduling?
  2. What is YouTube Automation?
  3. How Can Social Media Scheduling and Automation Help with Promoting Your Channel?
  4. How do Set Up Your Social Media Management Tool?

What Is Social Media Scheduling

If you are new to the world of social media management, automation, and scheduling, you are probably left wondering what social media scheduling is.

Social media scheduling is planning social media content in advance using a social media management tool. This will help you clearly understand what you have planned for your platforms and what you will have to work on next.

With social media scheduling, you get to work on social media content whenever you have the chance and schedule it to post at the times when your audience is likely to engage with you. We personally love social media scheduling for Youtubers and creators who live in different time zones than their audience. If you cannot post content when your audience is online and engaging, then your work will all go down the drain.

There are a few social media schedulers on the market. Nuelink, Buffer, and MeetEdgar are among our favorites. They do the work well with minimum fuss.

What is YouTube Automation

YouTube channel automation is the process of using a social media management tool to auto-post your own YouTube videos or those posted by your favorite creators as social media posts automatically. This is a set-it-and-forget-it process.

If you choose a good social media management and automation tool, you will also be able to manage engagements from all of your platforms in one place.

How Can Social Media Scheduling Help with Promoting Your Channel

Social media scheduling and automation are great business practices for YouTubers and content creators alike.

The most important benefit is time-saving. Whether you are a full-time Youtuber or one who does YouTube on the side while working a normal 9 to 5, we are sure that you don't have time to keep up with all of your social media platforms. You can always recycle one piece of content to post across your platform and schedule social media posts when you are traveling or in meetings. Or, let your social media management tool automatically import and share posts of your latest videos whenever you upload.

Being a Youtuber doesn't adhere to normal working hours. Most platforms recommend that you post past 7 pm on weekdays. This means that you have to say goodbye to any social life. But with social media scheduling and automation, you can maintain normal working hours and schedule and automate content while you are out with friends or enjoying a good show. Let your social media management tool work 24/7, while you enjoy some much-needed downtime.

Creating content on the fly can compromise the quality of your social media posts. Rather than always rushing to film a short-form video or take a picture, write a caption, and upload your posts, you can use the time used on these manual tasks to come up with and execute better content ideas. This will also give your audience a sense of security, knowing they can always expect content from you at specific dates and times.

Many YouTubers prefer creating content in bulk. If you are one of them, you can also bulk-schedule content for your platform for months to come in minutes. This will cut down on distraction while you attend meetings or edit YouTube Videos.

Some of the better social media management tools also allow you to automate your YouTube channel. Nuelink offers this feature that allows you to automate your YouTube channel. All you have to do is set up your automation, and it will automatically create social media posts whenever you post a new video. No extra work is needed on your end.

Nuelink also allows you to import social media posts for past videos. This will allow a new audience to enjoy your old content as well as new videos.

How to Set Up Your Social Media Scheduling Tool?

This is quite an easy process and you only have to do it once. Before starting, you have to make a decision on which tool you want to go with. As we said before, we recommend Nuelink, Buffer, and MeetEdgar. Let's get started:

Step 1: Set Up Your Social Platforms

If you already have social media accounts, you can skip this step and go straight to step 2. If not, set up your social media profiles.

Step 2: Set Up Your Tool.

Create your Nuelink account. All you need is a valid email account to get started.  

Step 3: Connect Your Social Media Platforms to Your Social Media Management Tool.

Connect your social media accounts and your YouTube channel and let your tool work its magic. Once, you create a piece of content, then create a new post, choose the platforms you want to share the post to and when you want the post to go, and schedule it months in advance.

As for automating your YouTube channel, you just follow the same steps, then click on Automations and add YouTube channel automation. This will take no less than a minute and will help you tremendously in terms of cutting down on your workload.

We hope that you have learned something new from this post. It is always important as a self-employed YouTuber to find better ways to lighten your workload and streamline your workflow. It is never easy to wear multiple hats at once, but you can always find a way to automate some mundane and manual tasks and give priority to the creative aspect of content creation.