How to Post Consistently on All Your Startup Social Platforms in less than 45 minutes a week

Working on a startup, let alone multiple startups, requires laser focus and close attention to detail. There are not enough hours of the day to work on projects, manage the team, meet investors, and manage a successful social media strategy. All of these elements require your full attention, especially marketing which plays a crucial role in the success of any startup.

With 4.74 billion users on social media, it is considered a great tool for startups founders to generate leads, acquire customers, raise brand awareness, and have a good ROI. A good social media marketing strategy is bound to generate high traffic at a low price but it does require a lot of commitment and time. Social media scheduling comes to play here since it allows startup founders all the benefits of a social media marketing strategy without putting in the crazy hours to run it.

Table of Contents:

  1. Create a Social Media Posting Schedule.
  2. How to Schedule Social Media Content.
  3. Content Ideas for Your Startup.

Create a Social Media Posting Plan

Before posting any social media content, it is important to take a step back and plan properly for your strategy

Before posting any social media content, it is important to take a step back and plan properly for your strategy. Social media requires a consistent posting schedule and an understanding of your audience and each platform’s demographic.

Know Your Audience

One mistake many businesses make is that they dip their toes in all social media platforms when they do not have to. Not all platforms cater to your customers and you shouldn’t waste time on these platforms. Younger users are more likely to be on TikTok and Instagram, Older users prefer Facebook, and B2B startups can always be found on LinkedIn.

Also, social media scheduling is great when your customer demographic is in a different time zone than you. This means that you don’t have to be a night owl or an early bird to post at times when your audience is online.

Plan Ahead

As a startup founder, you are probably aware of the times of the year, Black Friday for instance, when users are more likely to make a purchase. These times have to be accounted for when you are planning your content calendar. You have to plan ahead for special content months in advance to accommodate the holiday season and any new product releases.

Having a content calendar is a great idea. This will keep you on track in terms of what to post and when, but also give your content marketing strategy more structure. A content calendar is necessary when multiple people are all working together on social media posts, blog posts, podcasts, and newsletters.

Post Consistently

When it comes to consistency, many social media giants have confirmed that their algorithms reward accounts that post multiple times a week. Having a consistent posting schedule is a good idea for your audience as well as they come to expect your next post.

Repurpose Content

On the topic of blog posts and newsletters, we highly recommend that you repurpose content to use on social media. You can automate many blogs, podcasts, and newsletters sites on Nuelink. This tool will auto-post any new content uploaded to these sites as social media posts.

This will allow you to get the most bang for your buck. Your audience on social media will also get to view your long-form content like blogs. If you create evergreen content, this will also mean that your post will not lose their value and can be posted over and over again.

Share Content from Other Sources

We have talked a lot about creating your very own content for social media. This, however, doesn’t mean that is all you can share. We always encourage our users to share videos from their favorite YouTubers and articles from their favorite bloggers.

Just make sure that anything you share is related to your brand’s image and falls under your audience’s interest.

Post on Time

There are specific times to post to each platform for maximum exposure and engagement. We already have a detailed post about the best time to post on social media. However, as a rule of thumb with platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and TikTok morning and afternoon on weekdays are the ideal time. This is because these platforms do not require a time commitment like YouTube, which indicates that mornings on the weekends are your best bet. One thing to add here is that we don’t recommend you post at the top of the hour. Most brands do so, and you can run the risk of being drowned by their posts.

There are also some other elements you have to account for. One of which is how often to post on each platform. Instagram for example recommends posting 3 to 7 times a week. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and LinkedIn advise users to post at least once a day.

How to Schedule Social Media Content

With Nuelink, the process of scheduling social media posts is quite easy for both platform-specific posts and cross-posting.

Scheduling social media content in advance will allow you the luxury to execute a successful social media strategy. There are two ways to schedule social media content for your startup. It all depends on the type of content you are scheduling. Some posts that are platform-specific have to be scheduled for a specific channel, while general posts can be uploaded at once to all your platforms. Most social media management tools allow for both. Nuelink, our SaaS tool of choice, is one of these tools that accommodate both methods.

Instagram carousel is one type of content we schedule individually for our brand. While we can post multiple pictures on other platforms, YouTube community posts for example do not perform as well. Carousels are worth the investment as platform-specific content since according to many analytics they bring more likes and comments than any other type of content on Instagram. It is especially important for brands that want to share informative and engaging content.

On the other hand, cross-posting focuses more on content that can be used across platforms. TikToks, for instance, were once platform-specific but now can be repurposed as Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts. This is the method we use for most of our social media content and we always advise users to make posts work for different platforms.

With Nuelink, the process of scheduling social media posts is quite easy for both platform-specific posts and cross-posting. After creating a post, you can choose a channel or channels to schedule your content to post down to the minute.

Content Ideas for Your Startup

There are a lot of types of content and ideas that you can use for your startup social media to engage your audience. Some of these include:

How-to videos for your products.

Customer-generated content.

Infographics about your startup or industry.

Behind-the-scenes short-form videos or stories.

Posts celebrating your startup’s milestones.

Guides that target your different demographics.

Surveys and polls.

Tips and tricks.

Customer features.

A tour of your workspace.

A post introducing your team.

Participe in trends.

Share memes.

Share a book or a movie review.

Celebrate your competitors’ accomplishments.

Feature a creator.

Do giveaways.

Collaborate with other brands…

The options are literally endless, and you can find more ideas on our blog here, here, and here.

Social media for startups can feel overwhelming and may not yield the wanted results from the get-go. However, it is an effective long-term strategy for organic growth. With a bit of time, experimentation, and elbow grease, your customer base will grow, and your startup will flourish.

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